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Gresham Orthodontics is now part of Harmony Orthodontics

In late 2014, Gresham Orthodontics became part of Harmony Orthodontics team. Harmony Orthodontics is dedicated to provide outstanding patient care to all patients in the Gresham area. Harmony Orthodontics uses the latest in orthodontic technology to provide shorter treatment times and the highest quality results.

What do you want in an orthodontist?

Out of all of the orthodontists you have to choose from, who can help you create the most beautiful smile? Gresham Orthodontics located in Gresham, Oregon (OR), has a few noteworthy things that set it apart from the rest:

  • Dr. Gabriela Aranda has been educated in the latest orthodontic techniques, rooted in the idea of creating straight beautiful white teeth without pain and excessive time.
  • As a female orthodontist, Dr. Aranda understands the demands motherhood sometimes has, and the hectic schedules of family life. Her office caters to families!
  • Wireless areas, a children’s reading area full of great books, a play center for kids and complimentary consultations are a few of the special features Dr. Aranda offers at Gresham Orthodontics.
  • Open on Fridays! Gresham Orthodontics knows that when children have a day off of school, it’s usually a Friday. What better opportunity for your child to have a fantastic smile without missing too much school?

How does technology and technique help Dr. Aranda?

With advances in technology, and cutting-edge orthodontic training, Dr. Aranda is able to offer a wide range of services – all devoted to improving your smile! A few options to straighten teeth are clear braces, clear aligners, Invisalign®, phase-one orthodontics, self-ligating brackets, Damon® System, In-Ovation®, ceramic brackets, and orthognathic surgery cases.